Zen Buddhism in Princeton, New Jersey

Sixth Patriarch of Zen at the Moment of Enlightenment by Kano Tan'yu

Welcome to the Princeton Area Zen Group.

**NEW LOCATION: We sit every Sunday from 7 to 9 pm at
Smart Asana Yoga-Kingston at 4437 Route 27 S., Kingston, New Jersey**

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Beginners' Night is held on the first Sunday of every month.
Instruction is from 6:30 to 7 pm,
followed by a regular sitting from 7 to 9 pm.


The Princeton Area Zen Group (PAZG) engages in lay meditation practice in the tradition of Yasutani-Yamada-Aitken. Founded in 1991 by teachers Manfred Steger and Perle Besserman, the Princeton Area Zen Group is a community-based, non-residential unaffiliated Zen center designed to introduce anyone with a sincere desire for self-realization to the formal practice of zazen (sitting meditation).

The group is not a religious organization, but a collection of committed, like-minded individuals responsible for maintaining and supporting a place of Zen practice. It emphasizes traditional elements of Zen Buddhist practice, such as sitting meditation, dharma talks, private interviews, and retreats, but within a framework of Western culture with an emphasis on democratically discussed and implemented community policies.

For more information, please contact Donald Dow, 609-510-3909, or email us at princetonzen@gmail.com.

Grassroots Zen Click here (Amazon.com) for information on the book Grassroots Zen: Community and Practice in the Twenty-First Century by Princeton Area Zen Group (PAZG) founding teachers Perle Besserman and Manfred Steger